Located on Carp Road, Huntley Cemetery was established in the 1800s on an acre of land in Huntley Township, Carleton County. In 2013 the Board of Trustees purchased an additional third of an acre for future expansion and purchased and installed its first columbarium.


Lot purchase:  $1,300.00


Bottom Row:  $2,240.00
Second from Bottom Row:  $2,240.00
Third from Bottom:  $2,990.00
Top Row:  $2,540.00

Opening/closing, full burial:  $1,200.00
Opening/closing, cremation:  $400.00

Niche engraving:             $350.00

Niche opening/closing:  $375.00
Change & reissuance of Internment Rights Certificate: $100.00

*Rates are in Canadian Dollars
and are subject to change.